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Chapter 1 Adventure on the Homefront
Chapter 2 The Adventure of Relationships
Chapter 3 The World of Adventure within your Body
Chapter 4 Career Adventures
Chapter 5 Adventures with (and without) Money
Chapter 6 The Adventure of Nature

From the Introduction:

Although this is a book about leading an adventurous life, I haven't written it to encourage you to take daring trips to the summit of Everest or to run rapids through hidden canyons. There are plenty of adventure magazines, TV travel shows and travel agents to help you with that.

Instead, this book is written to support you to go after the more elusive adventures of everyday life. No travel or escape is needed. Since 1994 I have coached hundreds of people, in private sessions, to embrace adventure in their daily lives. We have explored personal issues with the same passion and enthusiasm that one might feel when stepping off a plane in a foreign country. We have examined problems and concerns in a manner similar to exploring a national park.

There is a treasure of exploration available in every moment. This book is a guide for that inner adventure. On these pages, I have shared my methods for putting excitement back into daily life, for examining and experiencing the simple occurrences of an average day with new found excitement.

I am a firm believer that each day is a spectacular adventure, full of the level of excitement most of us feel is reserved only for a week on vacation. With the proper perspective, even fear, sadness and pain provide an adventure. This is not meant to make light of tragedy and suffering. These experiences are part of life. How we react to them makes all the difference. I believe that embracing all of life is a bold adventure. This book is an adventure guide for your daily experience.

My Adventure Resume:

When I set out to write this book, I thought my adventure resume made me most qualified to write a book about how to be adventurous. I've included the list of these adventures below... but what I think is most interesting is that the resume has little to do with the adventurous spirit. The secret of an adventurous life is attitude, not how many countries you've visited or how many mountains you've climbed. I have nothing against such pursuits, but when adventure becomes yet another addiction, it is no different than chasing anything else in life. We often have a special place in our heart for adventurers but adventures like those on the list below are usually reserved for people who have special circumstances, not  people with families and mortgages and responsibilities. This book, along with the coaching I provide, are about developing an adventurous spirit regardless of your circumstances, and about celebrating all of your life no matter where you live or how your life is configured!

Iíve been river rafting in Bali, mountain biking in Venezuela, soaring in Hawaii, night diving in Bermuda, horse back riding in the jungle of Belize, windsurfing in Bonaire and caving in New Zealand. Iíve searched for Komodo dragons in Indonesia, driven at 130 mph on a racetrack and sailed from New York to the Virgin Islands across open ocean for seven straight days. Iíve ridden a recumbent bike from Hanoi to Saigon, a mountain bike across Laos, Thailand and Malaysia, and a tandem bike around Europe for three months before the woman in the back seat abandoned ship (I continued for another two months on a single-seater). Iíve flown a 1946 Piper Cub, a blimp and single and twin-engine airplanes through the clouds on instrument approaches. Iíve flown sailplanes for up to six hours at a clip, once on a 250-mile flight and once up to 27,000 feet, all without an engine. Iíve taught skiing in the Colorado Rockies, hiked to the top of different peaks to ski waist deep powder and winter camped in the White Mountains. Iíve kayaked with whales in Maine and dove into the water to swim with dolphins that passed my kayak in Hawaii. I swam with sharks in Palau and dove into wrecks in Truk Lagoon. Iíve water-skied on one ski, backwards. Iíve ridden a motorcycle across the Canadian Maritimes, thrown out the first pitch at a Colorado Rockies baseball game in front of 52,000 people (and yes, it made it to the plateÖbarely) and Iíve broken a concrete block with my fist in a Karate test. Iíve rock climbed up and repelled down 200-foot high cliffs. Iíve had dinner at the White House and Iíve woven a basketÖunderwater. And Iíve walked down Broadway in the Macyís Thanksgiving Day parade in a Jughead costume.

While I wouldnít trade these adventures, the memories, (and the scars) for anything, I wrote ďA New Adventure Every DayĒ to save people the trouble of accumulating the equipment, traveling the world and learning how to do all these things. ďA New Adventure Every DayĒ is a guidebook for discovering adventure in every domain of daily life. 

At recent Book signings around Connecticut, I tried to fit the Bugeye (see Bio below) into two different bookstores (the doors weren't quite wide enough). I was, however, able to hang the tandem recumbent bike (see Europe 2000 below) in Atticus books in New Haven CT!


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