David speaks to a family business conference about the Archie Comics brand. The company co-founded by his Grandfather.

David Silberkleit has ridden a recumbent bike from Hanoi to Saigon, flown a blimp across Connecticut, soared in a glider 27,000 high, hung out with orangutans in Borneo, sailed across the Atlantic, thrown out the first pitch in a major league ball game, dove with sharks in Palau and dined at The White House.



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Perhaps his greatest adventure, however, was to walk away from Archie Comics, a family business started by his grandfather in 1941, which David would have one-day owned had he stayed. He spent nine years marketing the Archie property: some of his achievements include an initiative to create the first comic book ever created from 100% recycled paper, a “Say No to Drugs” campaign for the characters that appeared on more than 1 billion milk cartons, the creation of the first-ever live-action Archie Movie of the Week and a walk down Broadway in a Jughead costume in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

David left the company (and his inheritance) in 1993 to start Empowercoach, a coaching practice dedicated support for people who want to take a stand. Since then, he has delivered more than 3,000 coaching sessions. In 1998, he was one of the first coaches in the world to be certified as a Master Coach, the highest designation in the personal coaching field (currently held by less than 2% of all coaches). In 2007, he was ordained as an interfaith Minister at the request of two coaching clients so that he could perform their wedding.

In 2000, David sold his home and most of his possessions to ride off into the sunset on a tandem bicycle with his girlfriend. After five months of pedaling in Europe and coaching clients from the road, he came back to America (alone) to write “A New Adventure Every Day” (Sourcebooks), a guidebook for finding fascination and wonder without leaving town.

David has been featured extensively in national radio interviews, in Cosmopolitan, Shape and Woman’s Day magazines, and in hundreds of newspapers. David and his fiancée Leslie live in Connecticut, where he runs his coaching and transformational workshop practice from a new home and office, rapidly filling with most of the same stuff he gave up in 2000.

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Spinning in circles, hanging upside down at the indoor rock climbing gym.
Photo by Paul Desmarais

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