Keeping up with the Indiana Joneses - 
How to embrace your everyday life like an adventurer... 
and enjoy more vitality and success in all areas of your life

A Special TeleSeminar

* Want to infuse your everyday life with the spirit of adventure?
 * Tired of waiting for some person or thing to do so for you?
 * Ready to take responsibility for your own glorious adventurous life?

More than 10,000 people around the world have used my book "A New Adventure Everyday" to make their lives more adventurous. In this one-hour teleseminar, you’ll get useful tools to make your life more adventurous, without waiting for weekends, vacation, or retirement.

This is a seminar for anyone who longs for more courage and more adventure in their routine. We'll get to the heart of what it takes to lead an adventurous everyday life. Regardless of your vocation or location, adventure lives inside you. In this workshop, you'll get the tools to unlock that spirit and use it in all areas of your life, even if you never leave town.

I'll coach you to be more adventurous in the areas of:

  • Your self expression

  • Your relationships

  • Your hobbies

  • Your career

  • Your finances

We'll uncover ways to bring the spirit of adventure into your life and to bring energy and results to places that might otherwise be stuck. And we’ll work to bring the freedom of glorious adventure into your everyday routine. This is an exercise class for your adventurous spirit. Come ready to expand the quality of your journey and to enliven your soul.

$29 per person

Bring a friend for free!

Space is limited so sign up today!

Unconditionally guaranteed! If you are not delighted with what you learn in this Teleseminar, you have 24 hours after the seminar to cancel and there will be no charge.

To reserve your place on the call, email or phone with your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Then you will receive the telephone number to call for the teleseminar (you'll need to make a one-hour long distance call) as well as detailed instructions for the seminar and an exercise to do before we convene.

(my Guide to TeleSeminars is here)

Here are some testimonials from recent TeleSeminars and workshops

Dear David,
Your talk is still resonating with me almost a week after the meeting -- how do you do that? The power of authenticity and truth I imagine! We got great feedback after the meeting and I thank you so much!
Very Best, Persephone
Hi David,
Thank you so much for sharing your story and philosophy last night and for helping me to think differently about credentials. I feel so much more confident about going forward with my own unconventional career path. After struggling with this for months, the things you had to say, the energy you brought, and the discussion of authenticity has really made a difference for me. Even though I thanked you last night, I wanted to let you know how you helped me to change my thinking.
Warm Regards, Regina
I recently invited David Silberkleit to speak at my business networking event and he was brilliant! He got all the members in the room communicating with each other on a much deeper level than our usual dry business discussions. The talk was interactive, humorous, engaging, and uplifting. He gave the room a refreshing energy that carried over after his talk as members were much more gregarious with each other. I strongly recommend David Silberkleit as a speaker at any kind of business event that is looking to do something lively and different that will really energize the attendees.
Sincerely, Doug

Reserve your place on this call today. Stop segregating your adventurous self from your life. Stop longing for adventure, and learn the practice of creating it for yourself. In this lively workshop, I’ll show you how.

Email now or phone with your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Then you will receive the telephone number to call for the teleseminar as well as detailed instructions for the seminar and an exercise to do before we convene (remember, you'll need to make a one-hour long distance call).

Here’s to your adventures!

David Silberkleit

Master Certified Life and Career Coach


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