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Powerful mentoring support for both new and experienced coaches

What does it mean to share your greatest gift in a coaching format? How can you put your raw expertise to work as you re-brand yourself as a coach? This program is designed for anyone in a helping profession who wants to call themselves a coach. New coaches are especially welcome. Experienced coaches will work to fine tune and hone their business model.

These days, everyone seems to be coaching.... from nutritionists to financial advisors... coaching has become more popular than ever. In this program, we will explore what it means to leverage your skills to coach people to move forward in their lives. We’ll look at what it takes to have a thriving coaching practice. We’ll use real world case studies to look at what does and what doesn’t work in the coaching business. And we will thoroughly explore the courageous branding and packaging required to have a unique and authentic coaching practice. 

Click here to listen to a free excerpt "What Makes a Great Coaching Session" and to purchase downloads from prior coach training programs! 

You might want to review the Coaching Core Competencies as defined by the International Coach Federation., which can be viewed here:


You are not expected to have mastery with these distinctions. We will not cover the basic coaching tools... however; some of these core competencies will be specifically addressed in this seminar. If you are interested, there are many coaching schools, books and programs to get you started with basic coaching skills. 


Four 1 hour teleseminars in a small group intensive:

Session One:
What is your unique gift?
How do you contribute this gift as a coach?
How can you best package this service to attract the most clients?

Session Two:
The coaching premise:
How do you support another person most effectively as a coach? How do you do this in your most authentic way? How do you honor sound core competencies while still creating your own unique style of coaching?

Session Three:
Personal roadblocks
doing it right... checking in...finding a balance... getting out of your own way

Session Four
Case Studies
What works and what doesn’t... stories from the real world... discussions of actual sessions. If digital session recordings are available, we will discuss other sessions from coaches, so we can review each other’s work in the group format.

In addition, participants may provide a recorded coaching session, which I will review. In a one hour private session, I will then offer follow up coaching about the methods and progression in the recorded session. 

As an added bonus, you’ll receive an additional private mentoring hour to discuss any other coaching questions you might have.

And finally, you’ll be able to partner with other class participants for support between calls. 

$599 USD
Payable by check or credit card

This seminar will be offered in even months throughout 2008. Please email for dates and times.

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