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My Archie costume, circa 1988

I help executives face the challenges of difficult family business issues.

Family Business is in my blood.

My grandfather started Archie Comics in 1939. My dad went to work for my grandfather before I was born and I grew up watching these two most important men in my life interact with one another almost exclusively around matters related to the family business. Thus I grew up with the challenges (and the perks) that come from a life in this family business culture.

In my 20s, I joined the family firm and effectively went to battle against my dad, fighting for entrepreneurial development of our brand and attempting to navigate the clash of our different life phases. After about five years of fighting, I finally began to work within the system and learned to respect the difference between my thirty-something perspective and the perspective of my fifty-something father. I worked for the company for another four years with a much more cooperative attitude before I chose to leave the family business and my inheritance behind. The company was no longer a healthy place for me to be. That was in 1993.

In 2007, with Archieís comic sales roughly half of what they were when I left the business, I proposed to my father that I work to transform the Archie brand once again... this time to supplement the comics with a significant web-based universe that would embrace the new media reality that drives childrenís entertainment today. After fourteen years away from the family business, I proposed a new chapter for the brand that would make Archie even more available to new generations of children. My father declined my offer.

Iíve been inside, outside and attempted re-entry to my family business. Iíve fought for, accepted, embraced and rejected the family business model. And Iíve wrestled with the pull of my heritage and come back to take another shot at making my family business a part of my life once again. I feel as though I have thoroughly examined almost every facet of the family business gem and thus I feel uniquely qualified to coach and consult with family business executives. 

Strengthening family businesses is my number-one priority. In fact, I have spoken to groups of family business executives about succession mistakes we made at Archie and how other firms can avoid these same mistakes. I have coached executives committed to staying in their family firms... and I have coached several who wanted support to move on. 

Since the day I walked out of Archie Comics, Iíve worked with hundreds of executives from both family and non-family business environments to leverage their greatest gifts in the workplace. If you are a family business executive and you want to explore how to best express yourself in the world, I am uniquely suited to coach you to be the architect of your own glorious life. 

If you would like a live sample of how I might coach you, call or email today. I am happy to provide a 60-minute introductory coaching session if you would like to see if family business coaching is right for you.

With my dad, 2007

Photo courtesy Charles Seton, click to see more of his incredible work

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