TeleSeminar Guidelines:


Please don’t just speak out when you have something to say. Instead say, "this is (your name)," and I will acknowledge you and sequence the people wishing to talk. This is the equivalent to raising your hand and it makes it far easier for us to run an orderly workshop.

It is very important that you are conscious of background noise when you are on the call. Please turn off your stereo, put the barking dog outside and don’t do your dishes while on the call. The background noise is very disruptive.

Please also deactivate your call waiting and make sure that you use a land line instead of a cordless phone. The static and clicking is very distracting. If you must use a speakerphone, please activate the mute button until you have something to share. Otherwise, the speakerphone will pick up excessive background noise. Finally, try to be conscious of breathing heavily into the telephone mouthpiece, this is another annoying distraction to the class.

I have been in classes before where all these background noises were present and it became a challenge to get value from the course. These simple pointers will help us to have the most effective class.

Please do not coach another participant on the call. Your coaching may not be welcome. If you want to share something relevant to a particular conversation, frame the sentence with, " I do such and such in that situation..." NOT "The caller with the problem should do such and such..." This helps make the virtual classroom a safe place to be fully self-expressed.

Finally, please keep what you hear in the class confidential. What is discussed in the class is private. Again, this needs to be a safe space for people to share what is on their minds. In spite of this request, I cannot guarantee that people will uphold this agreement. So if you are worried that what you have to say might get outside the class, then it is probably best not to share it. Feel free to just use your first name if you are worried about revealing your identity.

In spite of these issues, the teleclass format is very useful for most people. I look forward to hearing from you in class!

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