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The Idea Man

During the summer of 1999, I toured eight cities as America's Idea Expert. My job was to dispense ideas at public appearances in these cities, to support the new "Get an Idea" campaign for The Yellow Pages. This was the first national phone book campaign since the "Let your fingers do the walking" campaign, launched in the 1960s. You may have seen the Jon Lovitz TV commercials which support this new program.

I did media interviews and public speaking in several cities about ideas and creativity in general. I loved this project; I got to express my creativity and support people to think big. The first event was held on June 15 in front of the Boston Public Library. I met James Earl Jones at this event, who was on hand to promote literacy.

The last event was in Denver in late August at Coors stadium at a Colorado Rockies/Phillies baseball game. I was honored to throw out the first pitch in front of 50,000 people. I wrote an essay about that unnerving experience - click here to read it. You can read more in the articles section of this site, where I've posted a newspaper story about the tour. 

Yes, it made it to the plate!

Call me mellow yellow

Tour dates and locations

June 15 - Boston, MA - Boston Public Library
June 25 - Atlanta, GA - Lenox Square Mall
July 10 - Lee County, FL - Ft Myers Beach
July 15 - San Antonio, TX - North Star Mall
July 27 - Long Beach, CA - Long Beach Aquarium
July 29 - San Francisco, CA - Justin Herman Plaza
August 14 - Milwaukee, WI - Wisconsin State Fair
August 27 - Denver, CO - Colorado Rockies Game

FAQs about America's Idea Coach

What exactly do you do?

I'm a personal and business coach. I help executives be more effective and have more fun. I'm a mentor for hire and I form a collaborative partnership with clients so that their creativity can flow.

Do you give clients big ideas?

All the time. Ideas come easily for me. But everyone has big ideas to express; most of us are just too busy with our lives to access them. One of my biggest functions is to support people to off-load all the tasks in their lives that thwart creativity. I regularly help people delegate.

How does one delegate tasks in their personal life?

I recommend a lot of personal services, for example, unless you can't afford it or really love doing it, everyone should have a cleaning service for his or her home. A personal assistant can help too. Look under concierge or secretarial services in the yellow pages.

What are your picks for biggest ideas of the 90s?

Anything that helps busy people let go of stresses so they have more time to do what they love, such as:

  • On-line banking-scheduling automatic recurring payments so that you don't have to pay monthly bills
  • Personal concierge/errand service
  • Mobile animal hospitals that park in front of your door and save you a trip to the vet
  • Any service that delivers to your home
  • Indoor rock climbing gyms

What's the biggest idea you ever gave a client?

I have a client whose wife never felt adequately taken care of and it was a big drain both of them. I recommended he hire a florist to deliver flowers once a month to his wife. It cost him about $500 per year, but by giving his wife what she wanted, it has helped their marriage and was well worth the money.

Where do you get big ideas?

  • Riding my bike (That's why I own 4 different bikes)
  • Showering (I ride and shower a lot)
  • Foot reflexology (This process has released some big ones!)

What are your client's worst ideas?

Staying in relationships that drain or stifle creativity. Exerting a lot of energy hoping that one day a person or circumstance will change, rather than taking charge and doing some life re-designing.

Do you ever have bad ideas?

I have my share. I once planned on getting into the recumbent bike business. I have one that I ride on the road and it is a blast, I love the thing, it is much easier on my neck and shoulders than my road bike. It's a new concept that may catch on. But investing my life in educating consumers about why they need one would have been overwhelming. I am glad I didn't choose to pursue that industry.

Another bad idea was during my tenure as the marketing guy at Archie Comics. Batman fever was rampant one season and I created, "Hatman," Jughead in a cape with his trademark crown printed in profile on his chest. When Riverdale was in trouble (or the Chocklit Shoppe was out of ketchup), Mr. Weatherbee would beam the hat signal in the sky and Hatman would save the day. I thought it was hysterical. None of the readers cared.

What do you think are the worst ideas of the last decade?

Spin classes and Oxygen bars. Why not go outside for a ride and meet both needs?

How can people get more big ideas?

Look in the yellow pages, of course.

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Working at the beach is a good idea!

Fort Myers, Florida

"A big idea? fiction movies, but don't act in them."

With James Earl Jones in Boston

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