In July of 2005, I bought a Honda 2003 ST 1300... on ebay from Alabama! It arrived in a crate so big I thought there might be a pet elephant inside!



I realize it sounds crazy to buy a 700 pound motorcycle without a test ride and then crate it up and send it North to Connecticut... but I actually found the former owner of this bike in the Honda ST 1300 usergroup, got the complete maintenance history from him, and received wonderful photos from the ebayer. Alas, the bike was everything I hoped it would be and Leslie and I have enjoyed 3000 trouble free miles on a wonderful bike.

You can bet I was pretty nervous/excited/wondering if I was crazy when we opened this crate! The seller was kind enough to send me a picture of the bike prior to shipping... that helped. These are the photos from the day our Honda arrived. We uncrated it on the freight dock  and were all ready to go before we realized there was no ramp to get to street level. My maiden ride was into a  a tractor trailer with a lift deck... there was no other way to get from the freight depot down to street level! I gently backed it onto the lift deck, which seemed to be no bigger than the bike's footprint. Gently, we lowered to the ground and we were off.


This bike is very special... in fact the best motorcycle I have ever ridden. Fast, well balanced, exceptional braking, very visible, holds lots of gear, comfortable, economical, low maintenance. This particular bike has ABS brakes and wonderful driving lights. I use this bike as my primary vehicle when weather permits. This January, the mild weather made a number of rides possible. The big saddlebags make errands and grocery shopping possible. So I ride on two wheels whenever I can.

I constantly think about risk and adventure in life... how to support people to have more peace with risk... and how to push the limits of what adventure means for me and for my coaching clients. Motorcycling is both terrifying and blissful for me. I am shocked to see the percentage of drivers who now habitually straddle the double yellow line, cell phone in hand or eyes and fingers on the GPS. I work hard while riding to anticipate that I am not seen, that the phone is ringing in the approaching car, that I am vulnerable. Sometimes, it's exhausting.

Yet travel on two wheels for me is pure joy. I look at every turn as an opportunity for perfection, the feeling of a well carved turn is addictive. I am skiing on this bike, searching for the proper balance to ride an edge right through the turn. To properly brake, lean and accelerate through a turn, especially with a bike as powerful as this one, is pure ecstasy. I ride in pursuit of that next blissful turn. I sometimes feel I am out on a horse, playing on the way to the store. To accelerate on the highway onramp is a brief moment of sheer elation, with a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds. 

Motorcycling could kill me. Yet I am at peace on two wheels. I choose to celebrate my journey to the store rather than lock myself in a tank, which would perhaps keep me safe on the ride, but leave me no less vulnerable to a heart attack in the produce aisle. 

The coaching I offer is an inquiry into what it takes to lead a rich life of adventure and authenticity. If you'd like a partner in the exploration of your own personal expression of a rich life, click here to try an introductory coaching session today! 

If you want to learn more about motorcycling I suggest you look at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation training courses. Many motorcycle accidents happen with untrained riders who have learned from friends. I've taken their courses, including the experienced rider course with Leslie on the back. We rode all the drills two-up, which helped me to ride well with and without a passenger. For info on their courses:

Here's a great book on motorcycling technique

If you want to know everything about the Honda ST 1300, you can find it here:

The awesome st owners user group:

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