Orcas Island

This picture was taken on a tandem bike trip in Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest.

I've toured ten different countries by bike. Most recently, I rode a recumbent bike from Hanoi to Saigon. I've also biked off road in the Venezuelan Andes, and pedaled a mountain bike from Saigon to Singapore, through Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. I have also bicycle camped in Canada's Newfoundland.

My favorite bike trip moment was riding in Bali, and getting invited into someone's home and offered to marry his daughter. My least favorite was trying to hitchhike on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway, West of Ottawa, because truck traffic was too heavy for safe riding. With three heavily loaded bikes, it took 8 hours to finally hitch a ride with 2 Germans in a VW camper, who spoke no English. We crammed the gear in and onto the van and they dropped us 500 miles West in the upper Peninsula of Michigan, where we were chased on our bikes by giant flies for miles.

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