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Photo on the left by Paul Desmarais. You can view more of Paul's work at

San Juan Islands


Malaysia Trek

Cycling in Bali


Climbing the Gunks

Going Vertical!

High in a Glider w/ Oxygen Mask


The View When You Fly With Me

Affectionately called a "Taildragger".

Ready for the Next Adventure!

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2004 New Haven Festival of Art and Ideas Parade - Click for more info


Leslie and I dressed as woodpeckers for the 2003 NYC SoHo Halloween parade. The costumes were made by my sister Amy, who makes a different bird costume for my niece and nephew to wear each Halloween. In 2003, six of my family members flew up Broadway in New York's spectacular Halloween parade.... my niece and nephew as pigeons, my brother-in- law as a harpy eagle, my sister as a marsh hawk, and my mom dressed as a wood duck.

I have worked very effectively with clients who feel stuck and who long to make their lives more adventurous and fulfilling... not by learning to fly or rock climb but by creating a career that  is full of rich challenges. A career that fits your authentic nature IS a great adventure.... one that will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and maybe even to change the world. If you would like to try an introductory coaching session and see what might be possible in a coaching partnership, click here.

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