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They laughed when I said I could fly gliders and not be reckless...

...yet I went on to get my commercial sailplane license... and even to fly more than 400 Kilometers in a single powerless sailplane flight. On a different glider flight, I climbed to an altitude of more than 25,000 feet, all without an engine (other than the powered tow- plane that launched me on these adventures). And while there was certainly risk involved in this piloting, it was never reckless.

Iíve intensively coached more than 500 different people since 1994 here at empowercoach.com. Iíve noticed that people are really shut down in their lives when it comes to facing risk. For most people, lifeís daily challenges LIVE like they are glider flights to 25,000 feet. But the irony is that we get extensive training and safety equipment when flying airplanes.... and minimal training at best when it comes to facing everyday risks... like speaking-up for what we need and want... and taking a stand as leaders in our daily lives. Thatís why Iíve created this audio program, ďRisk Mastery for the Risk-Averse; 10 Simple Ways to be an Everyday Risk Taker.Ē Finally, hereís useful information anyone can use to be more comfortable taking risks in their everyday routine, without ever getting into a glider.

These six audio disks feature more than six hours of tips and techniques that show anyone how they can be more comfortable facing risk. Listen-in to real world discussions about how everyday people face risk in their daily lives. Here's an excerpt from Risk Mastery, about the risk I took when I threw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game:

With Risk Mastery, youíll learn how to face risk in relationships... and how to expand the risks youíll take to create and nurture healthy relating with friends, family, co- workers, even lovers, all on a journey that is unencumbered by the fear of risk (Disk #2). 

Youíll learn how to be more comfortable facing leadership risks and how you can step forward to unleash the leader inside (Disk #3). 

Youíll learn to be more comfortable being creative, in spite of the risk of failure or humiliation. Iíll show you how to be more courageous as you share the creative gifts you carry... and too often suppress or withhold because it feels too risky. (Disk #5)

Youíll even hear stories from a frequent casino-goer about the boundaries between gambling and reckless behavior... and the lessons we can apply to our everyday routine (Disk 4).

This audio program focuses on the rich arenas of everyday life that matter most. Almost anyone can be a thrill seeker for a day. Perhaps you have the courage to try a parachute jump, where a professional will guide you out of the airplane and deploy the chute to take you safely to the ground. Or maybe you are a courageous rollercoaster rider, seeking the biggest and best thrill. Iíve got nothing against these endeavors, but frankly, Iím much more interested in supporting you to take risks in your daily routine. Most people shirk at the opportunity to take a leadership role in a day at the office. Most people settle for the status quo in relationships, careers and creativity. Join me in this audio program as we explore what makes people unstoppable in their everyday routines... and what it takes to be a risk taker in everyday life.

95% of the clients Iíve coached in more than 3000 coaching sessions are everyday people with 9-5 jobs, families and mortgages. These are the people who have shown me that risk training is needed on a basic, everyday level. And on this six CD audio series, youíll also hear those coaching clients tell their stories about risks theyíve taken in their everyday routine. On disk # 6, ďRisk in Action,Ē youíll meet the following coaching clients:

  • Peter shares leadership risks that would have been terrifying in the past and are now energizing and fun
  • Nick shares risks in communication that opened up an entire world of possibility
  • Kim shares risks she took quitting her job to create a life she loves
  • Jeff Shares the risks he took by coming out... and how he dealt with the fallout.

Perhaps Brian says it best... heís a professional airline pilot who has been routinely flying 737s around North and South America for the last 10 years. In one audio clip, he tells us about his uneventful flying career... and that the biggest risk he ever faced was in a freak accident that had nothing to do with flying airplanes!

On Disk #3, youíll meet another airline pilot who has actually faced a number of in-flight emergencies. Here's a clip from that disk, in which she shares the story of the day the MD-80 she was captaining filled-up with smoke shortly after take off... and how she reacted to safely get the aircraft back on the ground:


On this disk, you'll also hear Susan explain the even greater risks she faced as a woman climbing the aviation ladder in a male-dominated industry.

Iíve put together more than six hours of rich audio programming to support you to be more comfortable being an everyday risk taker, without being reckless. Join the hundreds of Empowercoach clients who have taken a stand to be an everyday risk-taker. Order Risk Mastery today! Major credit cards accepted.


Order today and you'll receive a free signed-copy of A New Adventure Every Day!

Risk Mastery is 100% Guaranteed! If you are not absolutely satisfied that Risk Mastery makes risk more accessible in your everyday routine, return the series any time within one year of purchase for a full refund!

The messages in this audio program were driven home recently, when, on a casual walk through our neighborhood, Leslie and I were held up at gunpoint. I had ridden home on my motorcycle just hours before, clad in safety equipment and focused on precise riding to minimize risk... and while simply strolling just one-half mile from our home, a man held a semi automatic pistol to my chest, demanding money and putting me closer to death than ever before. Youíll hear the story of what happened next... and how I took the risk to appear in the local newspaper and on TV one week later, to invite residents to a block watch rally to end local gun violence.

Youíll also hear the story about how I left my family business, Archie Comics, and left abundant financial security (and my inheritance) to start my own business. On disk #1, I share what it took to walk away from the family business that I would have otherwise owned.

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