Transcend Obstacles!

"Moving Beyond Where You Usually Stop" returns to Kripalu in 2010!

We missed you @ Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Mass. on January 25-28 2009. And we're delighted to report we've been invited back to Kripalu for for another MOVING workshop January 24-27, 2010!

Registration is now open-click on this text to register!

 What do you need to embrace and then move beyond your familiar limits? 

Join me and Daniel Orlansky for experiential exercises and Kundalini Yoga that will facilitate transformation for all participants. We've designed a great workshop for people of all ages and abilities who want to confront familiar obstacles with compassion and power... and transcend those obstacles! Join us for an exceptional workshop at a premier facility... with fantastic food, all in the lovely Berkshires!

Read more about Daniel by clicking here!

The Video excerpt above was filmed at Kripalu in 2008, in a workshop with Ken Nelson &Lesli Lang.


Click on the "play" buttons below to hear comments from past workshop participants:




This workshop is offered at Kripalu Yoga Center, pictured above!

I partner with Daniel for workshops because he is an exceptional yoga teacher with a compassionate and wise style. Each workshop day starts  and ends with gentle yoga and breath to open our minds and bodies for the experiential exercises we'll share... and then we'll again use breath exercises to close each transformational session and to integrate our experiences. Daniel will be your guide for yoga and breath exercises... I'll use a variety of fun transformational and experiential adventures... together we provide a nurturing and safe space for anyone wanting to take on their edge and "move beyond," with strength, compassion and confidence! And of course, all this happens against a lovely Berkshires backdrop, with great Kripalu food and optional additional yoga, massage and dance each day! Our Kripalu workshop is two full days (Monday and Tuesday) plus a Sunday evening and Wednesday morning session. Join us!

Check out Daniel Orlansky's website by clicking this text.

Moving beyond where we usually stop requires a lot of breath... but practical tools can also make a big difference. Click here for twelve of my favorite tools to support people to “go beyond!”


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