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Audio message for meeting planners: 

I've been a professional speaker since 1988. I give keynotes at association meetings, conferences, and retreats. I also lead workshops for companies who want to train teams to be more courageous and adventurous. You can see samples of some of my talks in the short videos below. Click any of them now and they will load in QuickTime while you read.

I'm a risk expert. I support people to engage risk in a healthy way and to be more courageous in all facets of life and business.

I've taken some big risks in my life in a vast array of traditional adventures... but perhaps the biggest risk I ever took was to quit my job at Archie Comics, the family business I would have inherited if I stayed. In spite of the financial benefits of inheriting the company, I wasn't happy so I left, and since then I have supported thousands of people to courageously expand their comfort zones and to challenge the status quo.

The presentations I give are transformational. I share inspiring stories and invite groups to push the envelope... to innovate.... and to risk being more authentic and self expressed. My goal is to engage audiences and to have them leave the room awake and alive like never before. If you have a group you want to motivate to think bigger and produce bigger results, you're invited to get in touch today!

Speaking topics:

  • Keeping up with the Indiana Joneses: How courage can transform your sales... without risk.

  • A New Adventure Every Day: How to celebrate all of life regardless of your circumstances. 

  • Letting Go: How to (finally) unstick yourself from a toxic job, relationship or circumstance. 

  • Radically Authentic Leadership: How to coach teams to be authentic and produce breakthrough results. 


David Silberkleit is the former heir of Archie Comics, a company started by his grandfather. He left the family business and his inheritance in 1993 to pursue a more authentic path. Now, he is a Master Certified Life Coach and professional speaker who has delivered more than 3000 sessions to help people access their own authenticity and live with courage, confidence and vitality, regardless of their life circumstances. He's also the author of "A New Adventure Every Day" (Sourcebooks) and once wore a Jughead costume in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

To see sample keynote speaking video, click to download these short clips, which will take a minute to  load in QuickTime.

     Radical Authenticity (8 Mb)                  Leaving Archie Comics (11 mb)    


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Please send an email to david@empowercoach.com for more information about booking presentations.

Video Extra: 

Below is an unscripted video, shot with random people met on the streets of New York City. Each person was willing to play... and be coached to find fascination and wonder in the mundane. I've included this clip to demonstrate that I can quickly engage people in a non-threatening way to explore their own growth and development

I support three different people to broaden their perspective about life and everyday adventure. The first lady was somewhat stiff when we first met; her exercise was to rediscover the fluidity and mobility she remembered once having as a child. 

The second gentleman said he was having trouble expressing himself and he was resistant to going outside his normal almost flat way of speaking.

The third gentleman was feeling somewhat bored with his life and was fascinated to discover that he could find adventure simply by moving energy in his own body.

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