If you give away your power, you’re not alone. 

Many people have wonderful gifts to share but are bound by rules and old habits, and are thus thwarted from truly sharing their greatest assets. But you can absolutely learn to claim more space and to finally take charge of your life without surrendering your needs to anyone else. You deserve a deeply fulfilling life... and we provide exceptional support as you master the essential tools needed for this journey. We coach people to:

• Know and understand their needs 
• Communicate clearly and effectively 
• Move beyond habitual stumbling blocks
• Create glorious careers 

You will need a sense of entitlement

Many people have trouble with this word, “entitlement.” People seem to think there is greed and hedonism implied. What I hope to communicate is that we are all entitled to a glorious life of authentic and complete self-expression. To truly be free means that you are entitled to live your own unique and passionate life and to express your glorious vision. This doesn’t mean privilege and manipulation.... it merely means a willingness to lead your best life... to claim the space you deserve so that what lives deep inside you can be fully expressed. Divinity lives inside every one of us. Too many people withhold that divinity. It feels risky to let it out!

That’s what is all about. We help people discover and utilize their greatest personal power. You can absolutely move beyond the place where you normally stop. You can develop a new relationship with the fear and sabotage that keeps you small.

Let us show you how.

Since 1994, has supported hundreds of people to move beyond their limits.
Ive posted lots of audio on this site so you can hear what clients have to say about this process. Listen below to what one client has to say about the coaching partnership:


I was ready to expand my work but I was really at a crossroads where I couldn’t see beyond my desire. Within the first session, he was really able to cut through with a sense of clarity and direction that previously had eluded me. He has given me a deeper understanding of ways that I had been sabotaging myself and practical steps to move beyond that. His gift is his capacity to listen and his willingness to tell the truth. It’s always loving... and its so clear and so clean. For that, I am so deeply appreciative.

Tryshe Devney

Every single one of the more than 3500 coaching sessions we have delivered through the years has supported people to move faster and with greater ease through the challenges of life.

But there is a big difference here at Empowercoach... we help people find the strength inside to play big and change the world. This is what we do best.

It’s not always easy.

We challenge people.

Once we’ve supported you to see what is possible, we then help you to identify and fully understand the self-imposed limits that thwart your greatness.

And then we walk with you as you encounter and ultimately transcend those limits.

This is very personal work. You probably have deeply ingrained habits that keep you from creating and expressing your greatest work. Procrastination takes many forms. Perhaps cynicism ultimately shuts you down... or maybe you are easily distracted and that stops you from having to confront just how powerful you really are.

Regardless, we help you to examine what keeps you small. We support you to learn compassion and respect for your greatest challenges... and to move forward anyway.

Once clients see what is truly possible given their history, experience and strengths...
And once clients come to learn that, like all human beings, they have self-imposed limits and that they can greet those limits with compassion, an unprecedented personal transformation occurs and life becomes rich, regardless of the circumstances.

We’re here to support you to live your richest life. Now it’s up to you.

Send an email if you would like to hear more about what Empowercoach can open up for you. We’ll be happy to call to discuss where you want to go and how we can support you to get there!

NEW! If you would like to hear more information directly from Empowercoach clients, click here for a one-hour stream featuring a four client interview. 

Thanks for visiting!


David Silberkleit, MCC

PS: Join hundreds of Empowercoach clients who report the following top eight benefits:

  1. “More courage in the face of risk”

  2. “More clarity...‘What I want and how to pursue it’

  3. “Better communication skills”

  4. “New tools for leadership in all areas of life” 

  5. "Killer marketing ideas and strategies"

  6. “Finally eliminated self-sabotage"

  7. "Powerful accountability structure produces results"

  8. "Finally playing big, with a renewed sense of purpose"

Sound interesting? Don't wait! Contact me today. 

PPS: You can hear numerous clients speak about the benefits of coaching on this page and the home page. If you would prefer to read testimonials, click here.


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  Leon’s Wedding - Central Vietnam.   Click for larger photo and short story.


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