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Did you ever wish you were part of a community of supportive people who really understood the courage it takes to lead an exceptional life? Have you ever felt really alone when it came time to take big risks in your life and career?

Now that I've delivered more than 3062 coaching sessions, it’s clearer than ever before that the lack of a supportive community is one of the big reasons people stay stuck.

You’re invited to a new mastermind group designed to provide the kind of supportive community that will keep you moving on your journey. You'll listen to experiences of other people just like you... people who are playing big (or who want to play big) and grappling with the daily challenges that come from a fulfilled life. And you'll celebrate your victories and the victories of your peers in a group setting. This mastermind group is a new level of support for anyone wanting to realize their dreams.

We convene each month to examine a new topic... courage, prosperity, fear, legacy, creativity... to name a few... and we'll look at what works and doesn't work for members of the group. You'll gain momentum on your journey as you learn from your peers.

When I polled past clients about themes for a mastermind group, “contribution” came up many times as a hot topic. Here’s one response that stood out:

“The big thing I'm focused on these days is aligning my personal and professional activities around the principle of contribution, and sustaining / growing my commitment to this principle. I'd love to hear how others are working on whatever principles are guiding their activities and what strategies they use to keep their commitments alive. I'd also enjoy exploring the notion of contribution, share what's so appealing about it for me, and discover how others view it.”

Each month, you'll join a small group of like-minded people wanting to make a difference and leave a legacy.

Here’s and excerpt from another noteworthy response to the request for mastermind topics:

1. Thinking big enough

2. Staying focused

3. 'Sussing' out the truth of our own motivation and then being able to access that

Wow! That’s a perfect list for exploration among a group of people who want to get the most out of life.

During these 13 years as a coach, I've heard many clients report how comforting it is to hear they are not alone... and that other people are facing the same challenges they face. Each mastermind participant will be assigned a buddy... you'll have a partner throughout the series of calls with whom you can dialogue each week to deepen the distinctions that we discuss.

One benefit you'll get from these calls is acceleration in your life... by gathering as a group we leverage our combined experiences to rapidly learn what works and doesn’t. While you can “go it alone,” you'll move with more velocity with the mastermind group behind you. The group also provides a structure of accountability... we’ll complete each monthly call with assignments that keep powerful distinctions alive... and we'll discuss our successes and failures when we reconvene so that collaborative learning can occur.

My goal is to have this mastermind group change your life. And all you need to do is invest one dollar to try it out. To sign up, email your phone number and I will call you for your credit card number (it seems it’s not a good idea to email credit card info). You'll be billed just one dollar for the first call.

If you feel the mastermind group is not a great support structure on your journey, simply send me a cancel email after your first call and there will be no additional charges.

If you feel you got incredible value from the mastermind group after your first call, no further action will be needed (other than to call or email your buddy and explore the monthly assignment). You'll be billed $59.95 each month for subsequent calls. And you can cancel at any time. There is no minimum number of calls to attend.

If you've read this far, you are already part of a great community of people wanting the most from life. I hope you'll become a part of this mastermind group. You'll be in wonderful company. Space is limited to just twelve people. The first Thursday evening group sold out. Click reply to reserve your spot in the next Mastermind today!

P.S. Once you register, I'll email you the phone number to call as well as the topic for your first call.



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