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"I firmly believe that we are far more affected by the little adventures of life than many realize. Alone or with others, if we face the world with our minds and 'senses' wide-open, we can find a lot to enjoy, and through those experiences, our lives will be greatly enriched."

This quote was sent to me by Betty Conner of Midlothian, Virginia, who read "A New Adventure Every Day" and was inspired to send these wise words as well as the essay below (which she says was inspired by adventure #5 in "New Adventure"). Now it's your turn... where do you find everyday adventure? Where has your everyday life been expansive? Where have you found fascination and wonder in the mundane? Share your everyday adventures! Email them anytime and I will post them here! Please limit your essays to 300 words. I look forward to hearing your stories!


This is a photo of Leslie and me at a recent outdoor festival. I've never had my face painted but we had been held up at gunpoint a week prior (you can read the story in the welcome email if you subscribe to everyday adventures) and we felt particularly willing and available to say "yes!" to any opportunities in our path. Here's the result... a new identity (for one night anyway) and one more everyday adventure! 


Send your photos and adventures to

Cubicle Invasion
by Betty Conner 

Out of the corner of my left eye I saw them, certainly no more than a few inches from my telephone. Two green ones and one beige! They weren't there the day before. 

I smiled!

My eyes then traveled across the desktop toward the printer. More green ones, more beige ones! One lone sentinel stood guard atop the wall mirror. 

My smile grew bigger! 

As I looked to the right, they now seemed to be everywhere some crouched, one behind the other, on the ledge of my cubicle wall others engaged in a skirmish near the picture of a heron on top of the file cabinet (did they plan to overtake this seemingly larger-than-life bird?) and a few more hid on a shelf inside my glass-doored bookcase. All in all, there were 25 tiny 'cubicle invaders.' 

I now laughed aloud! 

As I suspected, the 'human platoon leader' of these plastic miniature warriors (commonly known as 'army men') was Jeff, my coworker. Just the day before I had told him about the book I was reading, titled "A New Adventure Every Day." Apparently, Jeff had been listening when I expressed my desire to pursue adventures, both big and small. Surprisingly, his whimsical arrangement of army men enabled me to experience firsthand the positive benefits of a good dose of silliness! 

The sight of these soldiers also reminded me that I had not seen army men since my two brothers played with them several decades ago. I paused to think of our childhood and the simple pleasures that came from 'playing.' I also took a moment to hold one of the figures in my palm, to send positive, supportive energy toward all real army men and women... 

Who would have thought that a 'cubicle adventure' would take my mind in so many directions? Yes, adventures are everywhere, just waiting for us to become a part of them. Join in! 

Betty Conner
Midlothian, VA

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